Pediatric care in Richmond, VA

At HCA Virginia’s hospitals near Richmond, we know that when your child is sick, nothing is more important to you than making them better. Our pediatric emergency rooms (ER), pediatric intensive care units (PICU) and pediatric cardiology facilities are designed to provide the most comforting atmosphere for your child along with the most advanced technology to ensure a prompt return to health.

When your child is admitted to our pediatric facilities, they are surrounded by a compassionate and highly-skilled team of pediatricians and pediatric specialists with extensive training and certification in pediatrics. Our hospitals are also staffed with pediatric hospitalists – doctors who work in the hospital rather than in private practice – and pediatric nurses certified in pediatric advanced life support.

Pediatric inpatient care

Sometimes less critical care for your child will require an inpatient stay in our facility, during which time our top priorities will be caring for your child and communicating with you and your family. Our pediatric hospitalists, nurses and other specialists will communicate and work with you on a daily basis. Your pediatric hospitalists will provide regular progress updates to your child’s pediatrician and will transition care back to them when your child leaves the hospital. We share all test results and treatment plans so you can make informed decisions about what's best for your child. We also encourage you to participate in your child's care and will teach you the skills you need to care for your child, from changing dressings and using a nebulizer to administering medications.

The comforts of home

Everything in our pediatric units has been designed around your comfort and the comfort of your family. You will have a private room with Wi-Fi Internet access, phones and flat screen TVs. You may visit your child 24/7 and, if needed, parents will be provided with sleeping arrangements. A kitchen equipped with a microwave and refrigerator is available for your use and stocked with sodas and snacks. Coffee is available upon request. Additionally, children and their families can play games, color, read and watch age-appropriate television or videos in our playroom.

Pediatric cardiology

We know that little hearts need extra special care. That’s why our hospitals are specially equipped to care for children and infants with heart conditions. Our pediatric cardiologists have additional training in pediatric and cardiovascular medicine, so they are especially skilled at handling your child’s heart and vascular needs.

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